Career Programs

In only 20 weeks, you can enter into one of the high-demand fields of construction, healthcare or weatherization. Start your new career today!

Programs Available

Pre-Apprentice Carpentry
Pre-Apprentice Carpentry/Cement Mason
Pre-Apprentice Carpentry/Heavy Equipment Operator
Pre-Apprentice Carpentry/Residential Electrician
Pre-Apprentice Carpentry/Residential Plumbing
Pre-Apprentice Carpentry/Sheet Metal Worker
Pre-Apprentice Carpentry/Weatherization Technician
Pre-Apprentice Carpentry/Welding
Women Wear Hard Hats Too

Pre-Apprentice Carpentry certificates are part of Summit’s 100 Hard Hats program. Learn more >

Community Health Worker/CNA
PSEO Career Options

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Educational Support

SAOIC provides support staff, including vocational counselors, financial aid counselors and job placement specialists to ensure student success after graduation.

Additional Support

We also offer courses that address adults’ personal issues and fears related to work, provide assistance with frequent barriers to training and employment, such as lack of transportation, childcare, or funds to pay for training. We work to ensure that these barriers are addressed and that students successfully complete training and move into the job market.

Gainful Employment Disclosure